Happy routines

Good morning and welcome to my memos, ponders, thoughts of the day. Just a silly little thing that I do. I'm not quite sure why I do this, but I find it quite therapeutic. A way to navigate the whirlwind of thoughts, worries, and ideas in my head.

I don't suppose, anyone else will read this. I'm not being deep, thinking that these are my memoirs and for me alone. If that were the case why would I post them online! I'm happy for dialogue but I guess that's not my main driver. At least for now.

Moreover, in a world where everyone is self-publicising, striving to be the next star speaker, writer or vlogger. I'm not sure this is the stage I want to be known for :P

I am not a writer, nor do I find it a natural and easy thing to do. However, I find the act of writing things down a positive thing for me to do.

So I will continue to do it.

I find that we focus so much of our energy on the things that stress us out or make us unhappy. That we lose focus on the simple, "happy routines" that offer us small pockets of happiness or serenity.

In our busy lives, we often miss, forget or worse, swap out our happy routines for something that offers the opposite, but we deem as "important".

More and more of "our time" gets chipped away. Happiness and serenity go down, stress and anxiety go up.

I struggle with this. I try to maintain my happy routines: exercise, quality time with my family, reading, writing, etc...

But I, like so many others, unconsciously let them slip away amidst the mayhem of life.

This is wrong!

It's important that I ensure this time is not compromised as it's good for my mental or physical health.

But it's easy to say that right? Not so easy to do.

I feel guilty if I spend time/money on myself over those that I care about. I will prioritise others' needs/wants over my own, which is fine but I will do it to my detriment. I am not saying that I'm this all-caring, Gandhi-like amazing person, quite the opposite. I fail the people I care about. I fail to achieve the things I want because I don't look after myself. I don't spend enough time on my happy routines to ensure I'm balanced.

To help others or to succeed in whatever goals I have, I need to ensure that my "happy routines" are not compromised!

Writing these thoughts is one of them. I try to stick to it. I often fail. But I strive to continue to do so.

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