Helmets for cyclists

It still amazes me, that even today, I see so many cyclists who don't wear helmets. Moreover, I see so many children who don't wear them either. It baffles me that this isn't seen as something important or necessary.

It takes one small mistake, one small nip against a curb and your head might hit concrete (not the most forgiving of materials). Not to mention the speed, proximity and sheer number of cars on our roads today.

A little research shows that actually there are only around 100 deaths a year and 3,000 seriously injured. Which is certainly tragic, but shadowed by the 1,700 deaths and 24,000 serious injuries a year within our cars.

When you look at statistics it's easy to belittle numbers and comparisons. But the fact is the numbers are meaningless because they're numbers. You don't care about them. You care about the people you love, their idiosyncrasies, the things that make them laugh etc.

One lost life is tragic to those who love them.

I don't think there should be a law on wearing helmets. But I do think that there should be some emphasis on the importance of wearing them, especially for children.

I feel like a grumpy parent writing this but I hope that my children don't even think when they go cycling. They just pick up their helmet and go.

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