Thought for the day

Every weekday morning at 7:45 BBC Radio 4 broadcast a very short programme called "Thought for the day".

These little programmes are no longer than 5 minutes. But these little soundbites pack a punch. They feature a wide range of people from different backgrounds and beliefs, commenting on current affairs.

But these reflections are from the perspective of those with faith.

I am agnostic in matters of faith and although I don't personally buy into religion I find these perspectives to be very powerful. In fact they do exactly what it says on the tin, they offer me a "thought for the day".

A moment of reflection can be a powerful thing. Contemplating that reflection from another perspective can be even more powerful. The more we can understand different people and other perspectives, the more we can build empathy for those we don't know as well.

That's not bad for a little 5-minute radio programme.

Listen for yourself to far more intelligent and articulate people than me: BBC Radio 4 - Thought for the day

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